Romney Moves On

The Mitt Romney machine is gaining power as he treks across the country and opponents fall by the wayside. Newt Gingrich is fighting desperately to hang in there but has finished a distant second in the last couple of major contests.

Ron Paul, with his loyal band of supporters, seems to continue to stir the loyalists and keep his presence on the trail. The enthusiasm and energy of Paul supporters is not matched by the other candidates. While they may not be as strong in numbers, they work hard and are true believers in Paul.

Interestingly, among my students at UH, more Paul supporters self-identify and are outspoken about their support in class. Alas, however, there are just not enough of them for him to garner the nomination.

The Democrats are saddened by each Romney victory. Most would much prefer to see Obama face Gingrich in November. Romney will be a more formidable opponent for Obama as his easy manner and less extreme view points may make him more appealing to independents.

Personally, I’m concerned about voter turnout in a race between Obama and Romney. Neither of these candidates are “fire in the belly” and both are a bit unflappable, polite and boring in their campaign style. Will either of them be able to generate enough excitement among voters to pull people out to vote in large numbers?

The fact is that lower voter turnout primarily benefits Republicans. Even if they are not inspired by Romney, they are passionate about their desire to defeat Obama. Are Obama supporters as passionate about ensuring his return to the White House?

It is still too early predict. Obama is slowly beginning to deliver his message to voters. As he works the campaign trail, people may remember why they liked him in 2008. If not, he may be a one-term President.

Stay tuned…

This entry was originally posted at Nancy Sims’ blog, Ponderings.