PR Internships are More Important than Ever

A couple weeks ago week, my colleague Jordan provided “5 Tips for Landing a PR Internship.” Her post couldn’t have come at a better time.

PR internships are more important than ever because:

– They help agencies and companies identify and recruit qualified motivated employees;

– The current economic conditions are making internships the first job title for new professionals; and

– On the academic side, the best PR programs require internships — they have become critical to the success of job placement of graduates.

During my career, I have played both roles: I’ve been a corporate communications head, championing internship programs, and an academic, helping place students in coveted internship roles.

An internship should give a person a “real-world” snapshot of what PR is like and help the person decide if he or she really wants to work in this industry. It can also give an organization a cost effective employee that successfully serves clients. If an organization is looking for cheap help or gophers, it won’t work.

To come in my next blog….critical success factors to ensure successful internships.