Politics through the Holidays

Happy Thanksgiving and don’t forget to vote! Happy Thanksgiving and will you please sign my petition to get on the ballot for Judge? Happy Holidays and please remember the upcoming primaries!

Will it never end? No. It will not, not this year or next.

City Elections did not wrap up on November 8 and there are 4 city races in run-offs. These candidates are working their hearts out to gain the attention of voters. Two of the races are At-Large, meaning all registered voters in Houston can cast their ballots. Two are in Districts and must intensely focus their energies on neighborhoods while neighborhoods are busy designing and judging home decorating contests.

The Thanksgiving holiday is essentially a 5 day break from gaining the attention of voters. From Wednesday through Sunday, voters will be focused on family, shopping, decorating and preparing for the upcoming season. Don’t think these campaigns will take a 5 day holiday, though. They will be working all but Thanksgiving Day for their candidates.

The City Council Run-Off election is December 10.

Meanwhile, the state and federal elections are upon us. In Texas, filing for the 2012 ballot opens on November 28 and closes on December 15. Anyone who plans to seek election in 2012 – from President to County Court Judges – will be on the ballot.

The Texas Primary election is on March 6. Voters may begin requesting ballots by mail as early as January 6.

Primary Run-offs, which are guaranteed to happen, will be held on May 22.

The Presidential election, state and local partisan elections will be held on November 6, 2012.

As you know, Party conventions will be held in the summer.

So, brace yourselves for a democracy marathon.

Happy Thanksgiving and remember to give thanks that you live in a democracy! 

This entry was originally posted at Nancy Sims’ blog, Ponderings.