Pierpont’s Travis Lawson on Johnny Manziel’s Latest Crisis

Travis Lawson KHOU 11

Just a few short years ago Johnny Manziel was a public relations dream. The Texas A&M University quarterback gave succinct and rousing interviews about teamwork and loving to play football. But it wasn’t long before the Heisman Trophy winner’s personal antics began to overshadow his undeniable talent on the football field.

And just as with any organization or brand, a crisis situation will always play out online. Pierpont Account Executive Travis Lawson recently sat down with KHOU-CBS in Houston to discuss the latest crisis forcing Manziel into the spotlight.

Lawson, an experienced crisis communicator who also graduated from Texas A&M, discussed the appropriate response related to Manziel’s recent woes—which range from a domestic violence complaint in Dallas to Manziel’s father speculating about his son’s future.

Watch the KHOU video here.