Pierpont Client Battelle Discusses Pipeline Development in Forbes Guest Article

Discussing the latest developments around pipeline expansion, Rodney Osborne, Ph.D., and Manager, Exploration and Production Services at the Battelle Memorial Institute, was featured as a Forbes guest writer in “Behind the Keystone XL Smokescreen – Pipelines are Booming!

Snapshot from the article: Battelle is the independent research organization that the Department of Transportation’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) chose to lead a study examining the safety of pipeline welds. We have no particular axe to grind in the energy infrastructure debate. What do crude oil rail tankers and pipelines have in common? Welded carbon steel that must be protected from corrosion and external damage, tested for integrity, and inspected and maintained. Much like technology developed by NASA for space exploration has been successfully transferred to other industries, organizations like Battelle are helping to apply advanced technologies and materials developed for other purposes to energy infrastructure.