5 Tips for Landing a PR Internship

Looking for a PR Internship? Here are a few of our best tips for landing a PR internship. Managing Pierpont’s intern program, we’ve seen it all in the last three decades. We’ve been fortunate to have had excellent interns and many have joined the firm as entry-level employees (including the author, in 2003). At Pierpont, we always […]

10 Years of Radical Change: The Brave New World of Communications

  The challenge of writing about the changes in public relations, public affairs and marketing within the past 10 years is like  whipping up a quick summary of the history of the universe. A slight exaggeration, true, but for those of us in the business of communications, the changes have, indeed, been enormous. Consider these: […]

Why Redistricting Matters to Business

  Every ten years, the United States takes a census, and from this collected data, government representation is determined.  At the national level, it has already been announced that a number of states will be losing Members of Congress, while a few states will increase their delegations. Texas is expected to gain four additional seats. […]

How to Really Judge the Winners of the Super Bowl Ad War

For years, Americans across the country have gathered together around water coolers at the office the Monday morning after the Super Bowl. However, instead of talking about how the quarterbacks played the night before, the conversations typically center on what the best commercials were.   These annual debates, and the ensuing buzz the most popular […]

Anyone Can Change the World: In the Spirit of Thanksgiving, let’s discuss Socially Conscious Social Networking

In the spirit of the holidays, I want to shed some light on how people are “giving” and “receiving” in non-traditional ways. For example, Facebook Causes “was founded on the belief that in a healthy society, anyone can participate in change by informing and inspiring others.” Facebook Causes offers multiple causes to support, including animals, arts and […]

Stacy Armijo named general manager for Pierpont Austin

AUSTIN – Pierpont Communications has appointed Stacy Armijo general manager for its Austin office, effective immediately. According to Pierpont CEO Phil Morabito, “We opened our Austin office ten years ago at the height of the technology boom, followed quickly the technology bust, and Stacy has helped us weather the ups and downs since. She has […]

Win the Name Game: How to Remember Names While Networking

  Dale Carnegie once said, “A person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”  We are constantly meeting new people, and the task of remembering the names of everyone you meet can seem daunting. But when you meet someone for the second time and can greet them by […]