Visualizing Your Voice: Telling Your Company’s Story Through Video – Part I

  In today’s digital world, we are quickly learning that words alone aren’t enough. With the ability to access virtually anything, anytime and anywhere from almost any device, a company’s communications tactics must no longer just inform – they must also engage and entertain. With this growing trend, it’s no surprise companies are choosing to […]

Visualizing Your Voice: Telling Your Company’s Story Through Video – Part II

  You have an idea for a video that would be an excellent addition to your company’s communications program but are not sure how to get the video started? If you’ve never created and produced a video, be aware that a simple two-minute video can quickly turn into an over schedule, over budget nightmare.  But […]

Digital Detox: How to (Truly) Unplug During Your Vacation

  Summer may be winding down, but if you’ve had a busy summer like Pierpont had, you may just now be taking your summer vacation over Labor Day weekend.  Obviously, the main purpose of most vacations is to rest, relax and feel rejuvenated. However, with the ever-growing assortment of mobile tablets, smartphones and laptops available, […]

Media Relations 101: Pitching a Story, Not a Fit, and Dealing with Reporters on Your Own Terms

Based on hundreds of discussions with countless clients about “the darn media,” it’s clear to me that many business people really don’t understand what journalists want or how they produce their finished products. As a public relations practitioner and former journalist, I’ve worked on both sides of this equation for the past 30 years. If that experience […]