You’ve been pinned!

  Some people say it is not possible, but I think Pinterest will soon be more addicting than Facebook! Pinterest (www.pinterest .com) is a social network for your favorite “things.” It goes beyond the typical posting, commenting, and “liking” of Facebook through a community of “pin boards.” So how exactly does Pinterest work? To join […]

How to boost your productivity with Apple iOS 5

    In what Apple is claiming to be their best update ever, iOS 5 has added 200 features to their mobile operating system. So, can iOS 5 make you more productive and save you time? Here are 5 things featured in the new update that will help boost your productivity.   Reminders – A new app with iOS 5, […]

Differentiate your company!

  Differentiation. It’s a given that in a discussion about building a brand, you’re going to have to talk about what makes your company or product different from your competitors. Or, posed as a question, why should a customer choose your company instead of your competitors? Let’s say you’re a university. Like all the others, […]