New Facebook at Work Tool Expands Internal Communications


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Image credit: Facebook

Even in an age of information at your fingertips around the clock, knowledge sharing among work teams can still lag at times—especially in organizations with multiple locations in different cities. That’s why we’re curious to see how Facebook’s newest offering, Facebook at Work, will fare among organizations for internal communications purposes.

Available via desktop, iOS and Android, the goal of the new project is to create a work-friendly platform for businesses. While it functions like the traditional Facebook experience, Facebook at Work is limited to specific company and employee sets, creating more of an intranet experience. This enables a company’s employees to share non-confidential information, such as case studies and other internal news.

Despite sharing animal videos or a high school friend’s wedding pictures, it’s been challenging for some employees to justify using Facebook in the office. However, Facebook at Work allows users to separate personal from professional while spending even more time on the social network—which is certainly a huge win for Facebook.

The way Facebook explains it, the new project is a collaboration tool with the same design (different colors), tools and apps and will exist as a separate portal on devices and on the desktop. The same features we all know and love, including News Feed, Groups, Events, Messenger and photos and videos are in place, but you’ll have a different Facebook identity specifically for sharing with colleagues.

Right now, the tool is only available to a handful of partners that will test the functionality ahead of the full launch that is scheduled for later this year. Keeping security in mind, a serious concern for organizations is allowing a company that specializes in gathering personal data to tap into confidential corporate conversations. According to Facebook, the social media site will not gather data on corporate users or their actions while using the tool.

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