Most Trusted Media in America


The Pew Research Center’s Journalism Project, “Political Polarization & Media Habits,” seems, at first glance, to offer a compass to help communicators drive national media directly to critical audiences, simply by mapping their chosen media to the interests and opinions of their key publics.

On second look, the report highlights a troubling paradox: The news outlets shown to be the most trustworthy by every ideological group are not the ones with the most eyeballs. CNN, one of the most-trusted major news outlets according to the survey, is in a viewer free-fall and earlier this month eliminated 300 newsroom positions. Pew’s findings came from an online panel of 2,901 Americans who named two British news organizations, The Economist and the BBC, as the most trusted news organizations “in America.” Not a great help if your message target is firmly rooted in news consumers in the US of A. 

The best platform, regardless of political ideology, if you want to use the national media to manage the perceptions of credibility, trust and distinction among your key publics? The once and still heavyweight champ: The Wall Street Journal. “Only one source is more trusted than distrusted by all five ideological groups: The Wall Street Journal,” the study said. Some things are a classic for good reason.

You can read the Business Insider synopsis or the full Pew Research Center report for more details. Pierpont utilizes insights like these to inform the channels we pursue based on our clients’ specific goals and audiences. For more media relations advice, follow Pierpont Communications and our VP of Media Relations, Chris Wailes.

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