Albora Joins Marketing Panel at University of Houston Wolff Center of Entrepreneurship


Director of Marketing Dori Albora recently joined a panel of marketing professionals at the University of Houston’s Wolff Center of Entrepreneurship, one of the country’s leading entrepreneurship programs.

The panel answered thought-provoking business, leadership, and marketing questions from Bauer College of Business students, including rebranding after a crisis and utilizing market influencers. Albora explained to the students that consumers don’t simply forget a recent crisis because a company has rebranded its logo or message. Brand image starts from the inside out, so a company’s culture and values have to parallel the brand you are trying to communicate to the public.

This student-driven panel discussion led to in-depth conversations about common trends in the marketing industry. Once the conversation concluded, students left with a new understanding and appreciation for the integral role that marketing plays in generating an overall business strategy.