Sholars Examines the Changing Role of the Press Release in O’Dwyer’s PR News

The Changing Role of the Press Release

With the growing popularity of using social media to share news, Pierpont Dallas Account Supervisor Kent Sholars discusses how the press release must adapt to remain relevant and effective in his article on O’Dwyer’s PR News.

Sholars explains that with the spike in companies using social media as a platform for making major announcements, the press release has taken on an outdated reputation, seeming bulky and boring compared to the quick information format of an online post. Releases were once considered a requirement for almost every statement a company released, but now journalists have begun to neglect the stacks of press releases that come in each day, and businesses have taken notice.

Nevertheless, the primary goal of any major business announcement – to reach the target audience at the desired time – has not changed, but the method in which communicators can now accomplish this has evolved. Sholars stresses the importance of keeping releases clear, credible, colorful and compelling to ensure they fulfill their intention and remain an effective way to communicate efficiently. In order to keep press releases relevant in our industry, PR professionals have to step up their creativity in how they develop and deliver releases to media.