Savage Talks Reputational Risk with Dallas Business Journal

In today’s fast-paced world, executives are adapting to changes in how corporations manage their reputation.

Senior Vice President and Dallas General Manager Jim Savage recently moderated a Dallas Business Journal panel featuring professionals from leading companies in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The panel expelled the notion that reputation is wholly reliant on either prudent financial risk management or extensive brand management, favoring a broader view that builds business value, promotes brands and mitigates risk.

“Reputation management doesn’t just happen,” said Savage. “Some corporate leaders may think of their firm’s overall reputation purely in terms of product strengths, operational safety, profitability, financial risk management, high brand awareness or even just good administrative processes. In fact, these are all critical ingredients. But best practice firms are aware that a good reputation is more than the sum of these parts.”

As a result of revelations stemming from the recent financial crisis, as well as a series of worldwide corporate crises, senior leaders are discovering a new, holistic approach to building and growing their brands.

You can download the full Dallas Business Journal article here