Savage Discusses NAFTA Communication Challenges in the Dallas Morning News

Pierpont Communications’ senior vice president and general manager James Savage contributed an editorial entitled, “If NAFTA is so great, how come it’s under siege?” for The Dallas Morning News about the communications challenges behind support for NAFTA and the implications of this issue for the state of Texas.

In his column, Savage touches on the seeming controversy about NAFTA’s value to Texas despite the massive success the trade agreement brought to the Texan economy and job market. Savage’s role as an executive communicator offers him a unique perspective that allows him to view the wider context of this emotionally-driven drama about trade.

He notes that many advocates of free trade are responsible for not effectively harnessing the power of their story in communicating the documented benefits of NAFTA to the public, and that the case for trade is often presented in a complicated, dry, overly-academic manner. Savage’s take is that businesses have an important role to play in proactively informing their stakeholders about the benefits of trade.