Savage and Gehrig Share PR and Marketing Insights at Industry Conference

PRSA Conference PR Marketing

At the PRSA Southwest District Conference, Senior Vice President and Dallas General Manager James Savage and Vice President and Austin General Manager Mike Gehrig shared their PR and marketing insights with attendees.

In Savage’s presentation “Measuring PR to Achieve Business Results: Going Beyond Mere Data,” he assessed what kinds of communications activities warrant measurement (and why not everything does), how data can and should be best interpreted to fuel business and brand growth, and what the end-goals for measurement should be at the organizational level.

Gehrig co-presented alongside John King, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at SparkCognition. They shared how a fast-growing company can build a successful agency engagement model that amplifies organizational goals and growth, and why agencies must rearrange their business model to match startup and modern enterprise culture. Gehrig and King also explained what technology will enable this modern model and why legacy services, such as outreach and education, are still important in this dynamic communications strategy.

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