Armijo Speaks At Central Texas Women in Leadership Symposium

Pierpont’s Executive Vice President Stacy Armijo was invited to participate in an open dialogue concerning issues women face in the workplace with other local women in leadership at the 14th Annual Central Texas Women in Leadership Symposium.

During the symposium, Armijo led a discussion on “Leading Millennials” and the truth about working with millennials in the workplace. Armijo shared common misconceptions managers have about working with millennials and unique characteristics millennials bring to their teams. She also shared several strategies that managers can use to help millennials succeed in the workplace.

At Pierpont, Armijo is responsible for managing marketing services across the firm, spearheading leadership and development for employees, and providing direct client services in additional arenas, such as public relations and crisis communications. She previously led the firm’s Austin office as General Manager, where she has worked directly with many of Pierpont’s millennial employees.