Leading the Way Is the Only Way to Go


From time to time, you may find a book that you’ll reference and re-read for years to come. For me, such is the case with “Lead Generation for the Complex Sale” by Brian J. Carroll.

In a high velocity business environment where your competition is growing and your budget is inevitably shrinking, it’s more challenging than ever to fill the pipeline with qualified leads. That’s why this book remains so valuable in today’s marketplace.

Implementing an effective lead generation program involves a lot more than hiring a telemarketing firm or sending out random direct mail pieces. Carroll provides clear guidelines by creating a universal lead definition and articulating a strong value proposition – essential steps sometimes overlooked by eager marketers.

To help put your plan into action, the author guides you step by step to:

1. Align sales and marketing efforts to optimize the number of leads. They have to work together to be successful. 

2. Avoid lulls in the sales cycle by continually adding qualified leads to the pipeline. 

3. Create value for the prospective customer throughout the buying process. Make sure you are always answering: “What’s in it for me?”

4. Identify and prioritize your best prospects. Go after the low hanging fruit first to make managing a large group of leads less overwhelming.

5. Increase the percentage of leads who become profitable customers through consistent, ongoing lead nurturing.

6. Ready yourself for what’s next – new and promising tactics for lead generation. No one thought social media would be useful for lead generation, but companies have been able to garner new clients through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Think creatively about growing business. 

7. Use multiple lead generation vehicles, including e-mail, referrals, public relations, speaking events, social media, blogs, podcast, webinars and more. Reach your prospects through every angle possible. 

I encourage you to read “Lead Generation for the Complex Sale” to learn more about critical success facts to building a plan, synergies in tactics and lead nurturing. In the end, leading the way is the only way to go!