How to boost your productivity with Apple iOS 5



In what Apple is claiming to be their best update ever, iOS 5 has added 200 features to their mobile operating system. So, can iOS 5 make you more productive and save you time? Here are 5 things featured in the new update that will help boost your productivity.


Reminders – A new app with iOS 5, Reminders allow users to organize simple to-do lists with due dates, a reminder (either date/time or location), a name and a note. Personally, I’m super excited about the location-based reminder feature. I can’t tell you how many times I think to myself, “Don’t forget to buy milk at the store!” And with the location reminder, I can set a pop up to remind me to but milk when I pull into the parking lot of the grocery store. 


Wi-Fi Syncing / iCloud – No more searching for the USB cable! With Wi-Fi Sync, every time you connect your device to a power source, it automatically syncs any new content to iTunes via WiFi. In addition, iCloud automatically stores your music, photos, documents and more, and wirelessly pushes them to all your devices. I’m excited about not missing any calls while my phone is plugged in and syncing. In addition, the daily “cloud backups” make me less worried should my iPhone get misplaced.


Keyboard Shortcuts – Feel like you type the same things over and over? Well, the new ‘Shortcuts’ section allows users to enter phrases and get a shortcut to them. For example, whenever I type my shortcut “hhd,” the expanded phrase “Hey! How is your day going?” will pop up in the auto-correct bar and insert wherever I type it on my phone. What phrase would you love to shortcut?


Mail – With the new update, Mail users will be able to highlight, bold, italicize and underline text as well as indent paragraphs. In addition, users will be able to flag important messages and search in the body of messages. It may be weird, but I sometimes leave emails I know require action unread so they don’t get lost in my inbox when I get back to my computer. The new flag feature should help with that!


This is just a highlight of the ways the new iOS 5 features can boost your productivity. I’m sure we will learn many more time-saving tricks in the coming weeks as more users play around with the new system. To learn more about all the new features of iOS 5, read Mashable’s in-depth review

What are your favorite new features in iOS 5? Let us know below.