Gingrich Wins!

The first Southern Primary gave their votes to Newt Gingrich by a wide-margin. While some pundits began to speculate he might win as the election approached, most observers were stunned at the significant trouncing of Mitt Romney.

It is beginning to look like a two-person race between Gingrich and Romney and it seems unclear who will emerge as the victor today.

Unlike the Yell Leader (Rick Perry), Gingrich has consistently performed well in the multiple debates and appears to be gaining ground as a result. His bull-dog nature and ability to deftly handle questions has served him well.

While he has endured some tough scrutiny, the last week found him having to fend off allegations from his second ex-wife and defend his position as a good “Christian.” Conservatives and faith voters seem to have forgiven his indiscretions and are not holding his past behavior against him.

The race is heating up as the candidates head to Florida for their January 31st primary. Gingrich will face even more scrutiny that he has a check in the win column and Romney will most certainly increase his negative attacks.

Some Republicans are concerned that the negative campaigning will weaken their candidates when they face Obama. The truth is that they will be better off for having the dirty laundry aired now and not in the general election. By then, it will be old news.

We’ll continue to ponder the Republican candidates and analyze the outcomes. Admittedly, this ponderer is enjoying the race very much.

This entry was originally posted at Nancy Sims’ blog, Ponderings.