Digital Detox: How to (Truly) Unplug During Your Vacation


Summer may be winding down, but if you’ve had a busy summer like Pierpont had, you may just now be taking your summer vacation over Labor Day weekend. 

Obviously, the main purpose of most vacations is to rest, relax and feel rejuvenated. However, with the ever-growing assortment of mobile tablets, smartphones and laptops available, unplugging and truly enjoying your vacation without work distractions can be difficult. The handy devices that keep us connected to email and office happenings are the same tools that distract us from a much-needed vacation. 

Whether you’re planning to completely unplug or check in from time to time, here are a few tips for making the most of your well-deserved vacation: 

• Turn everything off. This includes your BlackBerry, iPhone, tablet, laptop and anything else with email notifications or ringtones. Whether you’re away for three days or three weeks, the office will survive without you. 

• Stay strong. Even one email reply or phone call could open the floodgates. Once you respond to one note or text message, colleagues or clients who know you’re accessible will continue reaching out and awaiting your reply. 

• Delegate, delegate, delegate. Appoint a capable, trusted colleague to handle day-to-day matters while you’re away. Taking a vacation is a good opportunity to let others step up and develop, so let someone else take the reigns while you’re gone. 

• Get some help. Whether you’re vacationing with your significant other, family members or a group of friends, enlist their help to keep you unplugged. Ignoring your phone is a lot easier when your loved ones keep you on track. 

• Schedule check-in times. If being completely disconnected is truly not an option, schedule short sets of time to log in and take care of business. Set boundaries (perhaps setting aside 30 minutes every other day) and stick to them. Prioritize what you need to accomplish and save the little things for when you’re back in the office. 

In our digital world, we’re expected to be reachable and available at any moment for almost any reason. To truly unwind and enjoy a vacation (and get the peace of mind you were seeking in the first place), leave your mobile gadgets at home. 

Have you taken any unplugged vacations this summer? Do you have any trips lined up for Labor Day weekend? Leave us a tip below on how to recharge and rejuvenate.