Did You Know…There’s an Election going on?

Did you know there’s an election going on? I think maybe you didn’t, from the numbers I have seen.

Granted, partisan primaries are not the most attractive elections around to the average citizen, but in Texas, they ultimately decide many of our races.

Yes, folks, Early Voting for the Republican and Democratic primaries has started. The polling locations opened on Monday as well as mail ballots began being processed.

Over the last few elections, we have seen a dramatic increase in early voting. At least 1/3 of voters have voted early and as much as 50 percent, in some cases. Early voting is a predictor of turnout.

The way Districts are drawn in Harris County, many of them will be decided in these primary elections. Some of the races don’t even have general election opponents or they are drawn so lopsidedly that only one party can win the seat.

Clearly, the Republican primary voters have the more competitive ballot and this is reflected in their numbers. They are voting at a rate of 2 – 1 over the Democratic candidates. In the areas where there are hotly contested Democratic primary races, voter turnout is higher than across the city.

However, neither of them are having a mad rush to the polls. Since this Blog dedicates so much of our time to talking about voter turnout and the need to vote versus defaulting on democracy, I wanted to remind you that voting has started.

It is true that many people don’t like to vote in primaries as they may be labeled “partisan” but in this case, you will have so few choices in November. Pick one of the parties and align yourself and help select the people who will be running or representing the State of Texas for the next two years.

GO VOTE! PRIMARY ELECTION DAY: MAY 29. Early voting locations open this weekend!

“The Ship of Democracy will ultimately sink due to the mutiny of those on board,” Grover Cleveland.

This entry was originally posted at Nancy Sims’ blog, Ponderings.