How To Manage Timing During a Social Media Crisis

Executive Vice President Stacy Armijo and Digital Strategist Kristen James recently shared their insights into one of the most critical factors when handling a social media crisis: timing.

Every move brands make is being watched. Organizations understand that in today’s digital age they are at risk of becoming the next viral sensation for all the wrong reasons—and at any moment. Today’s stories travel fast, and if you don’t move with the same speed, the narrative is no longer in your hands. “Your enemy in a crisis is time,” Armijo shared in a recent article by Digital Marketing News (DMN). “If you’re not on it quickly then you lose the chance to shape the conversation.”

Having a plan ready to go and acting at a timely pace to shape the conversation is important, but for that conversation to take place, James advises that companies actively monitor what is being said before a response is planned. “Understand the tenor of the conversation. Respond as quickly and as transparently as possible.”

You can read the full article on taking control of a crisis on social media via DMN in Bad News Can Move at the Speed of Light.