Building Team Spirit in the Bluebonnets


Who said work had to be boring and no fun? It certainly wasn’t anyone from Pierpont! As often as we can in the springtime, we go on Spring Fling, a fun trip someplace where all of our offices can meet, spend time together and enjoy the day. We have traveled as far as New Iberia, LA to the Tabasco plant to enjoying a shopping spree in Nordstrom’s and most recently to Washington on the Brazos State Park to take in the wildflowers and learn a little Texas history. Sure it was great being outdoors and soaking in the sun, but the real treat for all of us was spending the day together and bonding, yes bonding! Kind of a hokey word, but in my years of experience, a team that works well with each other is very productive, efficient and is generally caring towards coworkers. The old adage of working hard and playing hard together makes good business. 

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of working in several different work groups and companies, but the places I enjoyed the most, produced my best work and felt I was valued were in areas where my coworkers and I got along, enjoyed friendships both inside and outside the office and genuinely cared for each other. That’s the way it is at Pierpont! So last Friday we had a blast in the bluebonnets together and came back to the office Monday refreshed and ready for the week. Glad we work for a place that values a congenial work place – it makes work more fun! What does your workplace do to build teamwork? I would love to hear from you.