Brittney Garneau Shares Experience as a Working Mom in Forbes

For years, mothers and employers alike have struggled to find the right the balance between working and parenting. Now, with the rise of millennials in the workplace and the increasing need for families to have two incomes, there’s a shifting expectation about creating even more balance in that work-life equation.

Pierponter Brittney Garneau recently discussed her journey in navigating life as a working mother after her son Luke was born in 2015. Garneau was featured in Forbes’ “8 Ways to Retain Female Talent After Maternity Leave.”

Garneau, whose son Luke is 21 months old, found the culture at Pierpont supportive of her new role as a working mom—and the transition to motherhood hasn’t slowed down her career growth one bit, as she was recently promoted to Senior Account Supervisor.

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