Back to School with Pierpont

Now that fall semester is in full swing, we would like to tip our hats to all the wonderful educators teaching the future leaders of the world. At Pierpont, have always been passionate about our commitment to education. In fact, we now have five Pierponters who are shaping the futures of students at The University of Houston, Rice University and The University of Texas at Austin. 

Phil Morabito

CEO Phil Morabito is a true veteran, having taught as an adjunct professor for 28 years. Phil has always found teaching to be quite fulfilling, sharing his experience with the young minds in his Integrated Marketing Communications course at the University of Houston. Phil brings in-depth industry know how, built from years of handling communications for corporate clients. Over the years, he has crafted a “living textbook,” bringing in a range of communications professionals to share their real-world expertise.

Terry Hemeyer

Pierpont’s “most interesting man in the world,” Executive Counsel Terry Hemeyer, has spent over 20 years shaping the experiences of emerging communications professionals at The University of Texas at Austin and Rice University. Terry’s mastery in the field has made him an award-winning educator, earning him a Lifetime Membership on the University of Texas at Austin’s Moody College Advisory Council. Terry believes teaching is a culmination of his career. But as Terry will quickly tell you, learning is a two-way street in his classroom, as his students also keep him plugged into the latest digital trends and technology.

Nancy Sims

A maverick in the areas of politics, government affairs and women’s studies, Senior Vice President Nancy Sims enjoys exposing her students to new concepts and enigmatic historical figures. In her Women in Politics course at the University of Houston, Nancy gives them another perspective of “herstory,” a course which emphasizes the role women have played in governance. The course, which analyzes the first and second waves of feminism, creates a dialogue among students about the changing roles of women in society across the years. Some of her students have gone on to become valuable contributors to the nation’s public affairs arena, working for public office and corporate government affairs teams.

Stacy Armijo

Pierpont’s newest addition to its academic team, Senior Vice President and General Manager Stacy Armijo, is a proud “Hemeyer alum,” having taken the very same class she now teaches years later at The University of Texas. Teaching the course, Strategies in Public Relations, Stacy aims to instill a methodology that drives critical thinking strategies to ensure students are prepared to succeed in an ever-changing field. Stacy’s industry experience has given her a fresh approach to teaching, as she has observed trends from building brand awareness and influence among stakeholders through years of consultation. At the end of the day, she wants to encourage students to see beyond theories by teaching them how to solve real issues.

David Gonzalez

A proud Cougar, David Gonzalez returned to his alma mater to teach The Social Impact of New Information Technology—an online course that analyzes the cultural and social impact of contemporary communication. Since beginning his role as an adjunct professor at the University of Houston over two years ago, David has found a new appreciation for teaching, solidifying his respect for educators and researchers alike. Known for his didactic nature, David thoroughly enjoys examining the social impact of important communication technologies from a media ecology perspective with his students. Having mastered navigating complex governmental affairs issues in his career, David aspires to teach a course with an emphasis on public affairs in the classroom.