A One-Sentence Marketing Plan



If you’re a company that does not have a formal marketing plan, maybe you should start with…


There are many excuses – some with validity – why most companies do not have a written marketing plan. Some of the most common excuses are:
• We don’t have the data we need
• Plans are out of date before the tactics are implemented 
• We are too busy marketing to plan for it

What if you could do the bulk of the planning with one sentence? Surprisingly, you can, if you can answer this one question: Where do we want to be in two years? The answers to this question come in various forms: 
• New product introductions/extensions
• Image enhancement
• Market share increases
• Geographic expansions
• New market segments
• Sales productivity
• And others…

If you can answer that one question, you have set your primary marketing goal for the next two years. You are giving direction to all your marketing efforts with one sentence! Believe or not, all the tactical programs will then flow easily under that goal. They either support the goal or not.

Try it. See if you can write a one-sentence marketing plan. It’s hard work. Once done, however, it will guide your marketing efforts every day, and make writing a formal marketing plan quite easy!