The Key to an Effective Crisis Response

As a fully integrated PR firm, our crisis management clients benefit from our ability to bring the full breadth of services to bear on their crisis, rather than simply providing in-the-moment crisis response.

Of course, we do provide crisis response when things happen—providing on-site crisis communications support as a formal Public Information Officer or as a member of a crisis response team providing advice and counsel to protect the value and reputation of the client company.

But we believe the best approach to effective crisis management can be thought of as a series of books in a trilogy, with your crisis communications plan right in the middle:

  • Preparing for a storm
  • Surviving the storm
  • Rebuilding after the storm

Preparing for a Storm

Preparing for a storm is everything we are able to do for our clients to build their reputation, establish and communicate their culture and values, and position themselves as leaders in their industry or market.

Surviving the Storm

Surviving the storm refers to the traditional crisis response – activating a team, creating statements, managing the media and communicating with key stakeholders.

Rebuilding after the Storm

Rebuilding after the storm is the process of moving past a crisis, addressing any impact to the company’s reputation, returning to a normal cadence of communication, and potentially initiating or resuming appropriate marketing campaigns and social media activity.


Pierpont’s experts have deep experience in all aspects of effective crisis management across a wide range of industries and sectors. Contact us today so we can discuss your organization’s unique situation and how we can work together to build an effective crisis management plan.

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