Pierpont Sheds Light on Rebuilding Your Organization’s Reputation After a Crisis

Chris Jones Sheds Light on Rebuilding after a Crisis

Pierpont Senior Vice President and Crisis Management Expert Chris Jones recently spoke with KPRC, an NBC affiliate, in Houston about the best ways an organization can move forward after being affected by a crisis.

Jones explains that the best way any organization can begin the long, hard road to recovering its reputation after a crisis is to first understand what happened and take corrective actions. In order to rebuild your reputation and regain the trust of your key stakeholders, you need to recognize what went wrong and make the necessary changes in your organization – own it and fix it – then you can begin to move forward.  

To see the full interview with Jones, visit Click2Houston.com and to learn more about how you can better prepare your organization for a crisis or grow your brand’s reputation, contact Pierpont today.

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