Jones Illustrates Marketing’s Role in a Crisis at AMA Houston

At an AMA Houston Academy, Senior Vice President Chris Jones discussed crisis preparations for marketing teams, and the efforts marketers should own to minimize reputation damage and help ensure a better recovery after a crisis.

He addressed what marketers need to know and be responsible in crisis response, from understanding who key stakeholders are and how to communicate with them, to maintaining your organization’s key messages and reputation through a crisis response. Among the many strategies and tactics he shared, Jones highlighted several key takeaways:

  • Use your knowledge of the market, product and customer to inform your organization’s crisis management plan
  • Know where exactly marketing fits into or supports the crisis management plan
  • Ask to participate in any crisis exercises or drills
  • Make sure your social media is tuned for crisis detection and response
  • Stress test key marketing tools to make sure they are ready for crisis pace

Additional information from Jones’s presentation is available here, but if you’d like to explore how Pierpont can help prepare you and your marketing team for a crisis, contact us today.

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