How to Effectively Promote Community Giving During a Crisis

Community Giving

Executive Counsel Terry Hemeyer recently discussed the importance of striking the right tone when communicating about community involvement during a crisis in The Economist.

He explained that companies should reflect on how and when to share positive stories about community engagement. “If your firm has bad news… announce that first. Charity activities should only be mentioned separately and later, lest the juxtaposition appears crass.”

Hemeyer goes on to say that charitable giving should extend beyond the traditional check presentation and monetary donation. “Get staff involved in charitable activities, he says, and highlight that in your PR.” Not only will employee involvement in community initiatives improve company culture, but it will also provide an opportunity to build brand purpose.

To read the full article, visit The Economist online here, and to learn more about how Pierpont can elevate your PR strategy through community engagement, contact us today.

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