How to Develop an Effective Crisis Communications Plan

Develop Effective Crisis Communication Plan

The latest edition of Pierpont Perspectives features Senior Vice President Chris Jones, who explains how companies across a wide range of industries should prepare for a crisis situation.

In the video, Jones outlines who can be impacted by a crisis, different types of crises, new risks to consider in an ever-evolving business landscape, and the process our experienced team deploys to design a tailored crisis communications plan.

“Any size business, regardless of size, can be impacted by a crisis, and they will need to manage it and respond,” Jones explains in the video. “New risks need to be considered and incorporated into the plan that we didn’t think about a few years ago.”

Watch the full video below or visit our crisis management page to learn more and read impactful case studies.

With 25 years of experience and his background in engineering, Chris Jones brings a unique perspective to Pierpont’s clients. He is a FEMA-certified crisis communications professional, leading the crisis preparation and response team for many of the firm’s clients. From developing effective crisis plans, to leading media training and emergency response exercises, Jones works with his clients to strengthen and protect their reputations among all key stakeholders.

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