Hemeyer Presents at Hurricane Harvey Recovery Workshop

Terry Presents at Hurricane Harvey Recovery Workshop

In an effort to recover and rebuild, Houston area business leaders are working to reestablish and grow their businesses in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

Pierpont Executive Counsel Terry Hemeyer spoke on crisis management best practices at the recent Greater Houston Partnership (GHP) workshop to help businesses following the catastrophic impact from Hurricane Harvey. This workshop was one in a series made to bring together government organizations, nonprofit institutions and the corporate sector to deliver valuable and timely information allowing companies to recover, rebuild and grow.

Hemeyer used his years of experience in crisis management to stress the need to have a solid crisis communications plan in place ahead of time. He emphasized the importance of taking action without personal bias, ensuring you have correct facts before responding and utilizing a specialized, trained team in a moment of crisis.

“Crisis management starts with understanding where you’re vulnerable and, once it hits, minimizing effects, controlling further severity and fixing the problem to get back to normal,” said Hemeyer.

As Executive Counsel for Pierpont, Hemeyer advises clients on reputation and communications management, as well as preventing and navigating crisis situations. He is also an award-winning educator, teaching at both The University of Texas at Austin and Rice University’s Jones Graduate School of Business, where he teaches crisis management in the MBA program.

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