Hemeyer Keynotes ULN Leadership Summit

Hemeyer Keynotes at UNL Leadership Summit

Every team needs a leader. Whether the title is appointed or the role matures naturally over time, the effectiveness of a leader greatly impacts the overall success of a team.

Terry Hemeyer, Executive Counsel to Pierpont Communications, has worked with and acted as a leader many times over the past four decades. He recently shared his insights on leadership with the next generation of leaders to emerge from The University of Texas at Austin at the 3rd Annual University Leadership Network (ULN) Leadership Summit as the keynote speaker.

His expertise originates from a lifetime’s worth of experiences, having worked with the Air Force as a combat photographer and marching band conductor and spending many years in the field of communications. He has also worked with the likes of President George H. W. Bush, and other well-known public figures, learning from their many successes and failures as leaders.

The ULN is a nationally recognized incentive-based scholarship program for students with demonstrated financial need at the University of Texas at Austin. The ULN Leadership Summit is a half-day professional conference for students designed to provide ULN juniors with additional networking and leadership skills as they prepare for their careers and graduate or professional schools after graduation.

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