Communicate Quickly with International Crisis Planning

Chris Jones with Russ Capper

Pierpont Vice President Chris Jones recently appeared on the PKF Texas Entrepreneur’s Playbook radio show with Russ Capper to discuss the role social media plays in international crisis communications planning.

When asked about how an organization can prepare for international expansion, Jones told Capper that social media plays a critical role in helping companies communicate quickly—and reach a widespread audience, especially for crisis planning and management.

“Social media, as we know, moves essentially at the speed of light,” said Jones. “It can jump boundaries, it can cross time zones and it can really short circuit your crisis communications plans.”

Jones went on to explain that’s why, at Pierpont, we take a proactive approach to begin monitoring social media for clients before a crisis ever happens. When a background monitoring program is in place, you can better gauge what is normal chatter and sentiment and what’s not. Then, when and if a crisis incident comes along, shared Jones, there’s a basis of comparison, enabling communicators to judge the severity of the incident and the key influencers in the conversation. With this background information, we can then begin to address the crisis effectively.

To hear the full radio interview with Jones and Capper, visit PKF Texas Entrepreneur’s Playbook on The Businessmakers Radio Show website.

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