Imperial Sugar – Product Launch

Introducing a New Product to the Market

Imperial Sugar, one of the largest sugar refiners in North America, developed a joint venture with PureCircle Limited, the global leader high purity stevia products production, to launch Steviacane™, an all-natural sweetener that matches the taste profile of sugar with one-third of the calories. The company engaged Pierpont to introduce the new product to consumers and further develop the company’s brand portfolio.

The retail launch of Steviacane began in select H-E-B stores in Austin, Houston and San Antonio. Pierpont shared Imperial’s story with local media in these cities to reach consumers directly and illustrate how through extensive product development, the company actively addressed changing consumer preferences as their demand profiles shifted toward all-natural and lower calorie alternatives. As the new product was introduced to additional grocery stores throughout the region and gained traction within the retail market, Pierpont continued to successfully share how Imperial had helped reinvent and refresh a kitchen table commodity by fostering product innovation and cultivating strategic partnerships.