Inspiring Creative Content

While car2go is known for their convenient urban car rentals, the North America communications team was facing the same challenge as many internal teams: how to recharge their creativity. Writing about the same topics in the same ways each day doesn’t always bode well for out-of-the-box thinking. So car2go engaged Pierpont’s content practice to facilitate a creative writing workshop for the North America team’s annual retreat.

This included helping the car2go team more deeply understand how to weave creative writing techniques through day-to-day brand storytelling through press releases, blogs and social platforms. The workshop featured many hands-on activities and discussion related to: understanding audiences; being creative on the clock; viewing people as characters; using rich quotes; and writing to capture mind share and heart share.

At the end of the session, car2go’s communications director conveyed that the half-day workshop was “hugely helpful for all of us.”