Hemeyer, Sumrall Share Crisis Insights with Texas Enterprise

It’s no surprise that in today’s world, organizations need to be prepared to mitigate damage at a moment’s notice. Yet, they also shouldn’t overlook the basics of effective crisis management, explain Pierpont Executive Counsel Terry Hemeyer and Assistant Account Executive Tyler Sumrall in a recent article. 

The article, “First, Remain Calm: Tips for Today’s Crisis Managers,” recently ran in Texas Enterprise, the e-zine of the McCombs School of Business. As Hemeyer and Sumrall explain the advent and growing importance of social media has forced crisis managers to acclimate to problems that are unique to the 21st century. That’s because a crisis can happen at any time and reputations can be ruined at the click of a button. All organizations will experience some sort of crisis over its lifespan. Although the playing field has changed, managers are urged to remain calm and stick to the basics.

Once you have identified your vulnerabilities, it is vital to act immediately and have a solid plan of action in place. Staying up to date with social media monitoring and implementing a social media policy will protect organizations from those who could potentially tarnish the company’s reputation. While it is imperative to adapt to the new media landscape, a good crisis manager knows the importance of making calm, deliberate decisions to keep your team and the public at ease.

To learn more about managing a crisis in today’s world, visit Texas Enterprise to read Tips for Today’s Crisis Managers.