Surviving during a crisis: Balancing public need with company risk

Pierpont’s executive counsel and crisis communications expert, Terry Hemeyer, discusses how companies can manage a crisis situation in a way that is sensitive to the needs of the public while staying true to the company’s best interests. In this Texas Enterprise contributed article, Terry examines public need versus company risk in times of crisis and how to […]

Crisis Communications – Devil’s in the Details

Pierpont Crisis Communications

While the crises vary in size and subject, every organization is susceptible and you never know when something will hit or how much it will hurt. We interviewed two of Pierpont’s crisis experts, Vice President Chris Jones and Account Executive Travis Lawson to gain two perspectives around on-site crisis management.

A CEO and a Non-Profit Fundraiser Step into an Elevator…The Importance of Developing the Right Corporate Giving Strategy

    Most companies, large and small, understand the importance of being able to describe their unique business model to potential customers and employees in a few words — the classic elevator pitch. From the boardroom to the shop floor, it is important that everyone has the same concise understanding of the company’s strategy and […]