Terry Hemeyer


A bold and passionate communicator, Terry Hemeyer embraces communication challenges with one intent: to solve them. Never settling with half-answers, Terry’s determination has earned him a reputation for success in tackling any communications conundrum that comes his way.

And when it comes to in-the-trenches experience, Terry has seen it all over nearly four decades in the public relations industry. He has advised two presidents on communication and political issues and served in top management in several high-profile companies. Terry has also led organizations, big and small, to success in marketing, advertising, litigation and crisis communications, media, government and community relations. As Executive Counsel for Pierpont, Terry advises clients on reputation and communications management, as well as preventing and navigating crisis situations.

Terry is also an award-winning educator, passing along his knowledge and enthusiasm for communications and PR onto his students at the University of Texas at Austin, where he is a distinguished lecturer. He also teaches crisis management in the MBA program at Rice University’s Jones Graduate School of Business.

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