Diane Askins


As an accounting and financial specialist with a highly creative personality, Diane Askins embodies the qualities of a Renaissance woman. With more than 35 years’ experience in account services, event management and technical support, Diane serves as a key facilitator for the agency and its financial needs. Her expertise contributes directly to meeting the ever-changing needs of the Pierpont team, so they may effectively serve clients across a broad range of industries.

Prior to joining Pierpont in 2014, Diane worked as an office manager and administrative assistant in a variety of sectors, including oil and gas, financial services, nonprofit, retail and technology. She is well-known for her drive, having juggled four part-time jobs while working toward her college degree.

The world of numbers and Excel spreadsheets doesn’t always allow room for out-of-the-box creativity. That’s why Diane enjoys putting her creative flair to use outside of the office as well, with an interest in design and other arts. Diane also enjoys spending time with her family and dogs. She received her degree in business administration from the University of Houston, as she is a proud fifth-generation Houstonian and eighth-generation Texan.