The Little Potato Company | Driving Priority Audience Website Traffic

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The Little Potato Company tells the story of a father and his daughter, and their global potato search to bring fresh, wholesome, and delicious little potatoes to families across North America. The Little Potato Company approached Pierpont to help share their story with a digital campaign strategically crafted to raise brand awareness in a very competitive produce market.


The company had strong goals, that included: growing organic traffic by 30% YOY, growing total website sessions by 26% YOY and increasing pageviews by 46% YOY. They specifically sought for support with site content connected to trending topics and better on-page SEO. Ideally, this meant more in-depth subject matter positioning and apprehension of cornerstone content.


Pierpont identified three key parts to their campaign strategy: (1) technical SEO recommendations; (2) a strong content and blog strategy; and (3) tracking and monitoring online marketing initiatives for ongoing recommendations. We identified several site-wide issues related to SEO, which set limitations on how search engines could crawl the site and interpret its content. Starting with a detailed website analysis, we created a tactical SEO strategy that would increase online visibility and generate inbound traffic. Pierpont worked closely with a digital partner to implement the technical SEO recommendations.

The next focus was thought leadership via their blog and content strategy, aimed for purposeful content that was crafted towards their target audience of foodies and busy moms. To ensure the blog continued to grow, we implemented an audience-first content strategy that focused on relevant search queries and solves real problems that readers struggled with.

To provide regular insights, measurements and recommendations, we implemented Universal Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and custom dashboards to support our commitment to comprehensive reporting of their digital awareness campaigns and overall website performance.


Within the first year of our partnership, The Little Potato Company started to see promising growth: 65% growth in organic traffic YOY, 85% growth in website visits YOY and 102% of pageview goal YOY.

Growth in organic traffic YOY 65%
Growth in website visits YOY 85%
Growth in pageviews YOY 102%