Super PACs do not equal Democracy

As regular readers of this blog know, I am passionate about democracy. I also consistently express concern about the state of our democracy.

Super PACs have been around for the last 12 to 15 years but have become even more dominant since a ruling by the Supreme Court loosened the rules on their engagement.

This year, Super PACs seem to be dominating the political debate and discussion in the Republican Presidential primaries. These organizations may be funded by as few as 1 – 5 people and keep a campaign alive in the midst of losses. They may also be tremendous funding arms that our just “out of reach” of the campaigns but are doing the lion’s share of work for the candidate’s efforts.

The just “out of reach” is a key phrase. The rules indicate that a candidate cannot coordinate with a Super PAC or its funders and the committee must be completely independent of the candidate. Yeah, right.

Imagine how this will evolve in the general election. If these groups are playing such a significant role in the process in the primaries, they will dominate in the general election.

There is a way to render these entities useless. Stop paying attention to them. Voters should be responsible for their decision-making. There is so much information available on candidates now with access to the web.

These Super PACs are making headway through television advertising, direct mail and other paid tools for political campaigns. STOP paying attention to them! Then, they would be rendered useless.

If voters would genuinely study the candidates and the issues, engage in civil discourse with family, friends and neighbors and make their decisions consciously, these groups would fail.

Alas, it may be too much to hope for from the American voter who seems obsessed with slanted media (on both sides) and cannot find a way to make a solid, well-thought decision.

I urge citizens to ignore the paid media and educate yourselves on the issues. Study as if your vote were a final exam that totally impacts your future. For, in fact, that’s what this year election is for our country. 

This entry was originally posted at Nancy Sims’ blog, Ponderings.