Pierpont Gives Thanks


We hope you and your family have an amazing Thanksgiving this year filled with joy and good people. 

The Pierpont family took some time to list out things we are thankful for before the holiday. These are some of the things Pierponters give thanks for:

My dishwasher – because I will cook for and feed about 24 friends and family at my home on Thanksgiving. – Randy Pruett

I’m thankful for a loving, supportive family, amazing, encouraging friends and good health. – Sarah Zomper

I am thankful for my beautiful wife, wonderful family, amazing friends and awesome little dog, all of whom make every day exciting, rewarding and inspiring. – Mike Gehrig

I’m thankful for the gifts of family, friends and health. And for our armed forces veterans, who have sacrificed so much. – Eric Whittington

Our lovely new office, of course. And a great team who is creative, reliable, hard-working and fun – even through our time together in a glorified closet. – Stacy Armijo

I’m thankful for my husband, family, friends and faith. – Lindsey Garner

I’m thankful for my husband! Kyle and I were married in October, and are still in a cocoon of newlywed bliss. – Lisa Pirtle

Cooler weather and the Boston Celtics (even though there probably isn’t going to be a season this year due to the lock out)! – Subhrata Barot

I’m thankful for the amazing people in my life, technologies and programs that allow us to access the world and really good cover bands. – Brian Block

I am most thankful for my family and friends. They provide an irreplaceable support system, keep me grounded and bring a tremendous amount of joy into my life. I am thankful also for being able to offer the same to each of them. – Michelle Kelley

I’m thankful for being a Pierponter and for the latest addition to my family, my new grandson Jordan Carter who is now two weeks old. – Kathy Nethercutt