Organizations I love: Young Women’s Alliance

My mom once told me, “Sarah, you’re kind of like a shark, which dies if it’s not swimming. In your case, if you’re not active, you go crazy.” 

Lucky for me, Austin has plenty of amazing organizations and events to keep me busy. While I am involved in several organizations, one of my favorites is the Young Women’s Alliance (YWA). 

What’s so great about YWA? Read on to learn more…

About the organization – If I were to give you a formal introduction, I would say YWA’s mission empowers its members to develop personally and professionally through educational programs and opportunities to lead, network and serve. 

However, we’re all friends here, right? So let me give you my informal introduction. YWA brings together everything a young professional woman needs to achieve her full potential. It provides the perfect blend of networking, education, leadership and community service opportunities. This diverse range of activities allows members a truly well-rounded experience so they can get involved in what specifically interests them.

Why I love it –I love everything that it offers to me personally, but what makes me truly enamored with YWA is its commitment to cultivating tomorrow’s female leaders. Through its non-profit arm, the Young Women’s Alliance Foundation (YWAF), YWA supports local non-profits dedicated to empowering, educating and enriching the lives of girls in our community through service, mentorship and grants. In fact, one of YWA’s largest annual fundraising events, Fashion Evolution, is just around the corner – August 12, if you’re interested in having fun and supporting a good cause! 

How I’m involved – I live by the idea that the more you put in, the more you get in return. Therefore, when I first joined YWA, it was important to me to take on an active role within the organization. I had the pleasure of serving as the Public Relations Chair of the Marketing Committee where I promoted YWA and the YWAF and learned the inner workings of the organization. This year I am serving on the Board of Directors as the Co-Vice President of Marketing.

How you can get involved – The best way to learn about YWA is by attending a monthly General Meeting, which provides prospective members the opportunity to experience the development and networking opportunities offered by YWA first hand. You can check out the YWA Calendar to see what else we have coming up. 

Interested in learning more? Visit to learn more about the Young Women’s Alliance and why it’s an Organization I Love!