Organizations I Love: The Professional Group

Anyone who knows me know that I love to network! In fact, I love teaching folks how to network to get the most out of the networking experience. Networking is a learned skill, but with a personality like mine, I’m blessed to come by it naturally. My parents swear I popped out of the womb networking! 

One of my favorite networking organizations is The Professional Group. Why do I love The Professional Group you ask? Read on to learn …

About the organization – The Professional Group’s purpose is to provide women of diverse professions with opportunities for building relationships and networks of personal and business associations through informative monthly presentations, professional development programs, educational and social activities, and philanthropic endeavors. Whew – what a mouthful! I like to explain the group as an incredible gathering of women from all walks of life sharing in each other’s careers and personal accomplishments. We build relationships, learn about our city and contribute back to Houston by providing women in need with scholarships to continue their education.

How I’m involved – Since I am a relatively new member, I’ve been keeping my eye on the education and philanthropy committees. Before I started my career as a communicator, I was a teacher, so I know firsthand how important education is to reaching your goals and bettering your life. Besides that, I love learning new things, even things out of my comfort zone. My other committee involvement, philanthropy, reviews the applicants for scholarships and reviews organizations The Professional Group can participate in or donate to. 

Why I love it –The Professional Group is an awesome organization because of the diverse membership base! I have met some of the coolest women – retired executives, business owners, artists, heads of nonprofit organizations, local celebrities and stay-at-home moms – each bringing her own unique personality and background to the organization. Our monthly breakfast meetings are educational yet engaging and always highlight something interesting about Houston, our culture, our history and our future. I love the opportunity to network and get to know so many talented and fabulous women. We also have incredibly fun events, including an upcoming cooking school event at Brennan’s.

How you can get involved – To become a member of The Professional Group, a person must be sponsored by another member. The sponsor invites people to the meeting, then the prospective member must attend three consecutive meetings. After attending the three meetings, a person is eligible for membership – with the blessing of the sponsor. I like the criteria because it provides a prospective member the opportunity to take The Professional Group for a “test drive” and get to know people, learning about the organization in a relaxed way and understanding how the organization works before making a commitment of membership. Additionally, members must be a member for two years before committee leadership opportunities are available to them. This provides crucial leadership training prior to actual leadership roles. 

Anyone interested in becoming a member of The Professional Group? Please give me a call and I’m happy to invite and sponsor you to our next meeting. Check out The Professional Group at to learn more and to find out why it’s an Organization I Love!

Show them you know them – Use that research to cater customized messaging and products for them. 

• Reinforce throughout the company – From the executive team to the frontline staff, each individual should be well aware of the marketing goals. Make it part of the process (i.e. user manual to arm each employee with the proper messaging and tools). 

In the end, you want to avoid the hit and miss and really do your homework. 

Is your company taking on multicultural marketing full-force or have you seen any recent examples? We’d love to hear them. Share below.