Organizations I Love: Houston Young People for the Arts (HYPA)


Most people fall into one of two categories – they’re either a left brain or right brain. 

The left brain types are the analytical ones – strategic and mathematically inclined, they love numbers and calculations and solving problems in a linear, strategic fashion.The other type are the right brains – the creative and artsy types. They use feeling and imagination to guide them. They are more likely to follow their “gut” and interpret conversations by the emotions elicited, not the words said. 

I’m definitely a right brainer. I remember faces but not names (a clear distinction between the right and left brain), find myself thinking in color and images, and frequently follow my intuition when making a decision. Not surprisingly, I’m also a huge arts lover. As such, an organization I love is Houston Young People for the Arts (HYPA).

About the organization – HYPA is a young professionals group that “aims to advance awareness of cultural events within the Houston arts scene.” The organization sponsors events almost every month, from museum tours and film viewings to dance shows and galas. For the 2011-2012 season, events include a meet and greet with Houston photographer Julie Soefer, a film screening and Q&A with three prominent Houston filmmakers, several theater performances at venues like The Ensemble Theater and The Catastrophic Theatre, and dance performances with national troupes, like Alvin Ailey.

How I’m involved – I’m on the steering committee for HYPA, so I help develop programming and then execute events. For example, I helped plan the film screening and Q&A with another HYPA member. We brainstormed the idea, developed the event format, finalized all the logistics and marketed it. As a steering committee member, I also help promote HYPA to other young professionals. Because I love what the organization does, it’s really easy for me to “sell” events to other young professionals – I can usually get several additional non-HYPA members to come to our events!

Why I love it – Many people don’t realize this, but Houston has one of the most dynamic, vibrant art scenes and largest theatre districts in the United States, and boasts world-class ballet, opera and symphony. It’s also a very friendly and open community – from my experience, it welcomes artists and non-artists with open arms. I love HYPA because it shares this spirit, passion and sense of community with a group of young professionals like myself, cultivating an early love and appreciation for the arts that will hopefully last for years to come. 

How you can get involved – Becoming a member of HYPA is very easy. You can sign up online or simply attend an event. Annual dues are only $20 and usually pay for themselves right away through discounted or free events. 

Anyone interested in becoming a member of HYPA? Check out the website, or email me at I personally would love to tell you why HYPA is an Organization I Love!