One Person at a Time


Dick Clark recently passed away.

For more than 50 years, he made himself part of our lives.  Dick Clark just kept adding to his successes. Think of how many other “brands” came and went since the start of American Bandstand in 1957.

At one point, his companies were producing more than 150 hours of television programming a year, including “$100,000 Pyramid” and “American Music Awards” as well as specials such as “Live Aid.” Later he added restaurants and theaters. 

What was behind Dick Clark’s success? It wasn’t his youthful looks, boundless enthusiasm, or his reputation as “America’s Oldest Teenager.” Fortunately he told us his secret. It was his approach to an audience. In his own words…

“Communicate to one person who was listening or watching. Most people would say…’Good evening, everyone.’ Everyone?…There was only one person listening at a time…”

Dick Clark talked to each member of his audience using mass media!

What would Dick Clark be doing today if he were just starting his career? Well, he might be heavily into social media where approaches and messages can truly be individualized.

We can all learn from Dick Clark. Rest in peace, brother marketer.