Savage Explores the Power of Earned Reputation on Recent Webinar

Jim Savage, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Pierpont’s Dallas, and angelMD CEO Tobin Arthur recently hosted a webinar on the power of public relations within the marketing mix.

In working with angelMD, Savage spearheads the development of critical communications strategies designed to raise awareness of angelMD and its syndicate investments. In all industries, but particularly in the world of private equity, the role of public relations is often nuanced or misunderstood as a practice equivalent to marketing.

In fact public relations is the key driver in a firm’s overall marketing and communications arsenal that can help achieve the key marketing goals of awareness, favorability and reputation. In this webinar, Savage makes a case for the effectiveness of earned media in all business, especially startups. Learn how public relations and earned media play an essential role in driving awareness of new brands in the marketplace.

Watch the webinar “Leveraging Earned Reputation: The Power of PR in the Marketing Mix”