Nancy Sims ‘Smashes the Glass Ceiling’ at Houston Women’s Conference

Many women leaders across Texas, like Pierpont Senior Vice President Nancy Sims, have dedicated their careers in part to shattering the glass ceiling for women and minorities. Sims recently spoke on the state of the “glass ceiling” in Texas–and how it can be shattered–at the 3rd Annual Houston Women’s Conference.

The National Women’s Council’s 3rd Annual Houston Women’s Conference, held Sept. 29, gave women an opportunity to network and discuss the advances women have made in the business world with top female leaders in the state. In “Smashing the Glass Ceiling: Not Your Average Jane,” Sims and other panelists shared their personal encounters with the glass ceiling and how they learned to shatter it, as part of the National Women’s Council’s objective to promote economic, political and workplace equality.

Through the years, Sims has observed how women have gradually affected change and described the invisible barrier as being more of an elevator. In other words, it gradually moves up a floor as women make strides in working to reduce the gender gap. When speaking about how she has shattered the glass ceiling in her own career, Sims proudly echoes the words of Robin Morgan: “Only she who attempts the absurd can achieve the impossible.”

“There is success in failure because it acts as a catalyst that forces a person to push the envelope,” Sims explained. “There is also is enormous value in learning from qualified mentors. Networking events, like the Houston Women’s Conference, serve as a space for women to meet others who have experience tackling obstacles that prevented them from reaching the top of the corporate ladder.”

The National Women’s Council empowers women to face challenges in society and the workplace. Although the panelists differed in opinion at times, they unanimously agreed that networking and engagement in professional organizations are instrumental in developing relationships that will inevitably smash the glass ceiling.