Pierpont Honored at IABC Quill Awards for Cheeses of Europe

The Pierpont team supporting Cheeses of Europe won an Award of Merit at the recent Dallas International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Quill Awards.  

The Cheeses of Europe team was honored specifically for its collaborative work in creating a successful wave of print, broadcast and digital coverage across the Lone Star State for the Cheeses of France Marketing Council (also referred to as Cheeses of Europe).

The Council was delighted in the delivery and amount of coverage provided by Pierpont, and considered their first tour across Texas an absolute success and model for how they would conduct similar tours in the future. Team members included Jim Savage, Elysa Nelson, Emily Chandler, Kristen James and Randy Pruett, who helped bring food editors and bloggers across the state to the cheese table.